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Monday, September 27, 2010


VLookup and HLookup is a powerful function used to extract data from a multi-record table.

When the data is too much you cannot find or scrool to see the value  related to your search criteria. However, Vlookup and Hlookup support you to get the data as you want.

=HLOOKUP(Search_Value, Table_Array, ROW_INDEX, [Criteria]).
=VLOOKUP(Search_Value, Table_Array, COL_INDEX,[Criteria])

If your table is in the horizontal format, Hlookup is the best use. For verticle table, Vlookup is used instead.

Search_value is a single cell or a single value that you want to search for in your table.
Table_Array is a table containing the data you want to search, the value you search must be in the firs row (for HLOOKUP), or first column (for VLOOKUP)
ROW_INDEX/COL_INDEX:  is the column number you want to return the result if the search value is found in your table.
Criteria: The criteria can be TRUE(1) or FALSE(0). If it is true, it mean the table is already sorted, and the value will be returned without finding the exact valu. The result will be returned when the record in table is lower than the search value. However, for FALSE, the data is not sorted, and it is returned value unless it is exactly found. Other , #N/A will be returned.

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