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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Join Two sheet together in Excel

Whether you are working with multiple Excel worksheets or even source data from different workbooks, it is possible to consolidate them into one master worksheet. If your worksheets have been created from a template and are identically structured, they can be combined by position. If they differ in structure but still use the same data labels, they can be joined by category. The Consolidation Tool in Excel allows you to perform these operations in a few simple steps.



  1. Open each worksheet that you intend to consolidate. After opening up Excel, click on the "File" tab and select "Open." From the dialog box that appears, select the worksheet that contains your desired data and click "Open." Repeat this step until you have opened all of the necessary worksheets.  

  2. Create a new worksheet as a destination for your consolidated data. You can start a new workbook by clicking the "New" icon at the top left. Or, add a new worksheet to your current workbook by clicking the "Insert" tab on the toolbar and selecting "Worksheet." In the new worksheet, click inside the cell to which you would like to transfer your consolidated data. Be sure to leave enough room below and to the right of the destination cell for the transferred data.

  3. Select the data you wish to consolidate. Click on the "Data" tab on the tool bar. From the choices given, select "Consolidate." The Consolidation Tool dialog box will open. The first option you have is to choose the function. Since you are consolidating data, you will be performing a "Sum" function, which is already selected. You may leave that as it is. In the Reference field, type out the range of the first source area. If you are selecting data from different worksheets in the same workbook, include only sheet and cell references. If your data is from different workbooks, include a book reference as well. You can also select the area by clicking and dragging over the source area with your mouse. Excel will fill in the proper range description for you. When the source area range is entered in the Reference field, click the "Add" button to the right. Notice your range has been added to the "All references" box below. Repeat this step until all data sources have been added.

  4. Consolidate the data. By clicking "Create links to source data," your master worksheet will automatically update whenever changes are made to the original sources. If your source data has labels in either the top row or left column, select those options accordingly by checking the appropriate boxes under "Use labels in." When finished, click "OK." Your master worksheet will be created.


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